One of the major industries in the country of turkey is tourism. It is one that contributes to its economy. It has been increasing and growing having a good performance. That situation changed due to the coup attempt to the government, this privilege drastically withdrawn as the status of tourism fall to the low level. The country also has a problem with Russia and not just the problem within its government. This is not just the problems that are now rocking the country but also terrorist attacks.

As the growth of the state enemy grew, the threat that must be given into consideration and assessment became larger. The image of the country has been tainted and it must be restored to regain what was lost. In according to the records, tourists who visited Turkey can reach to thirty two million in a year. That number now cannot be imagined as it dropped to a very low count. It should go higher if not for the concerns that was written or mentioned above. See this security company. Check this resources It is the famous company that held services for a sure security.

Aside from the tourism industry, turkey also has its natural resources that can serve as their emergency products or materials. They are ore, copper, coal, iron, mercury, gold, borate, limestone, marble, perlite and many more. The country is also blessed with a land that can be toiled and planted with crops that can produce good products. And there is a good private search company here, check this link 久展徵信公司.  They also have manufacturing industries that can produce products.