Programming is important in this modern world because we are now using technology that would allow us to beat the time. Programming makes us work faster and do more jobs than doing thing manually. Thanks to the contributors of programming, we are now able to minimize our time by using computer software and be motivated to maximize the use of computer in this age. Programming familiarizes us on what is happening in the present and what will happen in the future.

Programming will allow us to think analytically and critically. Productivity is the source of survival on this earth. This is why the use of programming allows us to work on machine languages, codes, that will help us to connect with others internationally. The good point in programming is that everything is provided and that we do not need to work for it but just work through it. Programming now can do whatever you want the computer to do, as in very obedient and clear.

The work of programming can be seen through our daily life such as job done, technology wise, frugality and many more. Without programming, how will we be able to see the news worldwide? How will we be able to see the works of studies and researches, the use of many applications that are too much necessary in our daily life? Now we can see that there is no modernization without programming. Technology without programming is meaningless. The world will still be in its poverty without programming.