Many users of Linux have been very positive about it. They have found many reasons to use it and to continue using it. We will see some of the reasons that they have why they stay loyal to the Linux operating system despite the presence of the big giant that tries to dominate the technology era. One that users want and love about Linux is that it is free but is full of features that you can use. The system itself is multi functioning and you can find ways to let it be compatible worth other applications.

Another reason they use Linux is that it do not crash especially if you have a project, you can be protected. Example is when you are doing something and you need to update a program. Most of the time, it requires you to reboot for the changes to take place. It is different in Linux as you do not need to reboot due to its feature. The speed I very good and most configurations are in the text format that is easily edited. This elder care company will help you in life. You may try to check link here. This is so good and ncie.

When you are using Linux you have the advantage of many choices on desktop environments. Linux also in terms of security do not have virus and spyware is not present in it as its source is open. If you are into programming, you can use Linux as it performs better and compile your work in different platforms like that can be flexible to use.