Many things happened and are present in our country turkey. If you want to know some facts then you must continue reading as we will give you some. One of the facts is that the first known Santa Claus was born here in turkey. He is a generous man and wants to practice gift giving. Another fact from turkey is that it contains 13 sites that are considered by UNESCO as heritage sites. How blessed is this country to be honored with great and beautiful sites.

In regard to food, we love to be served with soup before a meal. Usually we have it in the morning before a heavy meal. In colder temperature we had soup before every meal. In hot season we still love soup in cold style.

There is the Cleopatra beach that was given by his husband as a gift. It is a beautiful one to visit when you come to our country. It is that good and nice that the queen was impressed and treated it as her island of paradise. Here is a leaking solution company that might help you in your home problem. Check more from here 祥發工程. This is very essential and helpful.

Have you been to Istanbul? You can see their house that was ranked as the fifth in the most expensive house that was built in the world. If you go to the coast you can see the beautiful and elegant house that is well maintained. Material may not be used much during construction.