There are many users of both windows and Linux. Who do you think is better? This article will compare some of their performances and advantages for you to compare which is better. First is that Linux has lesser security holes in it because it has a complicated and also a cluttered operating system. Security issue is one that user should be careful and aware as it can affect personal data and information that can be used illegally or unlawful.

If we compare this, two operating system, by the number of viruses Linux has an average of 200 to 300 kinds of viruses. This is lesser compared to the thousands various and evolving virus that Microsoft encounter every year. It is not a good number that attracts the makers of malware like apple status or situation before.  Which is more reliable? Linux again wins this match as Linux do not crash. It will not give you a blue screen.You need to get visa early? Check this more information for the best travel agency. It is one of the outstanding travel tours that you must visit.

In fixing problems found in the system, which is more competitive? It is again Linux as developers can compete to fix the bug and they can be famous for doing that. They fix the problem as soon as it is detected. It is a different story with windows that you have to go to the point of begging windows to fix the problem. In terms of cost, Linux is free and other variations supported by companies are still cheaper than windows. Production is much alive and faster. Let us have time to apply for our visa in this agency. Their services are so great, open this Asian link 台胞證申請台北. You can have great day having this agency with your process of visa.