Information technology has reached a certain level that affects how people interact with each other. The method of connection, communication, way of life and socialization before is different from today. We can observe and see how powerful the technology is today. I have the advantages and disadvantages as expected of one thing. Technology contains vast information that can be used in every field even in everyday life. When we are curious of one thing we just Google it and find many things about it.

It is a great source of information without having to spend so much time doing research manually searching for books and opening them by pages. As research is very important for human kind, the use of technology has helped it to be done easily as information can be put into a system then processed to produce a needed data. Example is in statistics. Statistician use a system that can summarize and produce categorized information from the thousands of data entered to it. It is then use for analyzing a situation and also projecting for the future.

The way of connection has also improved due to technology. Now you can just reach for the telephone and call someone. If you want to use online there is email or Skype or many social networking sites. In business or at home communication has become more technical, look at this. If you want to reconnect with an old friend you can search on the internet for contact information.