Linux is another operating system like windows and Linux technically refers to the kernel at the base structure or framework of an operating system around while GNU Linux refers to the whole package genius software plus the Linux kernel  called  Linux . How is Linux different from windows? For starters, text is open source. This means that anyone can help contribute to the development and anyone is free to modify and redistribute the source code. As result there are many operating systems using the Linux kernel such UBUNTU and android. In fact, there are many runners of Linux such as the machine, government facilities, NASA Amazon and Google, and many use Linux in some way, anything they like. Most web servers use this and even some cars and movies use this for development purpose.

The development of Linux is very fast. Thanks to many contributors from around the world and a new kernel is released every three months compared to the at least every three years for windows . Also Linux typically is more secure than windows in managing account . What about Linux and mac OS? This gets a little complicated, we can say that Linux and mac OS are distant cousins without getting too much detail, know that mac OS uses a kernel called Darwin. This kernel is based of BSD which uses Unix. Everything began  around a system called Unix AT&T. It helps all people create the system in late sixties It was an open source that had to be licensed out to different companies.

Linus Torvalds,
the Creator of Linux comes along and creates kernel like Unix without using any proprietary code. This starts the improvement of Linux. Linux is now used worldwide like for PC improvement and technological advancement.